“An ember flew out of the fireplace and landed on the quilt fabric.”

So, when I was a kid, my parents renovated our house and put in a fire place, like where there hadn’t been one before, which I really loved. It was a cool, like, it was a wood burning fireplace and we did all kinds of cool stuff with it. We made like recycled newspaper logs sometimes to burn. There’s like a whole process for doing this and I loved to help my mom doing that. And, y’know, burning them in the fireplace and it was also a really handy place if you had like anything you wanted to get rid of. I mean, this is back before, like, shredders were real common. You could just burn stuff. But anyway, while I was still small, my — well, I must’ve not been too young because my sister was old enough to be my babysitter. So I probably was at least ten, nine or ten. And we were — my parents left, I don’t think for very long, and my sister and I were playing upstairs and what we — what had happened was the fireplace didn’t have — I guess it had like these kind of like a screen curtain, but it didn’t have glass doors or anything and it was open and there was like a — a fire going in there. I don’t think it was a very big fire and my mom had been working on a quilt and it was on the hearth near the fire and something sparked, and an ember flew out of the fireplace and landed on the quilt fabric of the partially finished quilt and started to smolder. So [REMOVED] and I were upstairs and I think this was also before like fire alarms or smoke detectors were real common. I mean, remember, I’m old. So this woulda been in the seventies. Anyway, I think like our dog came up and bugged us, or our cat. At this point, I can’t even remember. But something alerted us. We went downstairs and the living room actually had a lot of smoke in it, and so we like “Ah!” We took off outside and we ran next door to our neighbors and they weren’t home but their older daughters were, who in the past had babysat us, and they came in and y’know whoever it is like y’know threw water over the quilt, and y’know I can’t remember if it was the kind of thing where we actually had to call the fire department or not. But anyway we all were fine, mom and dad got home. The quilt had to be remade and y’know I think we had to air out the living room but there was like there was no other damage.

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