“It’s just like, ‘Ope, excuse me.’ I thought everyone did that.”

So I guess that, that’s probably going to be my grateful for the week too, is just grateful to have family in the area where I can go in such circumstances. And my dad bought this beer from Bells. I haven’t seen this one before. They call it, “No, Yeah.” Which is potentially the most confusing name for any product. Thought I’d bring it up to Michigan Diaries cuz they put sort of, like these stereotypical mid-western phrases on the can. So the beer’s called, “No, Yeah.” They say, “Yeah, no, for sure.” “Just gonna sneak past ya.” “Ope, excuse me.” “Watch out for deer.” The “Ope, excuse me.” I think it was like five years ago that I learned that was not, that was like a regional thing. That it’s just, you’re in the grocery store. It’s like, it’s just like, “Ope, excuse me.” I thought everyone did that. Does everyone not do that? Apparently it’s a Midwest thing. I don’t know how. Anyways, this beer from Bells, they call it, “No, Yeah.” I find it funny.

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