“It’s just tearing through the yards and literally just like ripping the fences up.”

She was just calling to make sure everything is okay, see if we still had power, you know all that stuff. And I was like, “oh yeah, everything’s fine”. She’s like “did you close the windows?” and I am like “yeah, everything’s good”. And then I turn my head and look out the window that’s right above the phone, towards the back yard in the neighbor’s yard. And all of a sudden I see this like it was weird. It was definitely — you know, we had a two-story house, well, honestly, it’s more like a three-story house. It’s really, it’s a tall and big, old house. And so there was this tornado that was like the size of the house, like it wasn’t, you know, massive. It was obviously big and I see it two doors down past the neighbors fences, and it’s just tearing through the yards and literally just like ripping the fences up coming straight at us. So I’m like, just scream “Oh my God, there’s a tornado!” And then just hang up the phone. My mom’s like, “what? What?” I just hang up the phone. So we’re trying to quick get the cats and dogs and shove them in the basement. Meanwhile, this tornadoes, it doesn’t really have enough juice to go crazy, it’s taking a minute to get to us. And it’s just kind of whipping people’s — my neighborhood trampoline, it’s whipping that around, but not — really, I don’t know, it was so bizarre, it was like tornado lite. And so — I’m in the basement. I’m like, halfway down the stairs. I’m calling my brother. And I’m like, “hurry up and get down here”, like “come on”, like “it’s happening”, especially me, like twister obsessed. I’m like, “it’s coming”, like, “we need to tie our belts to a metal pole so we live.” Yeah, my brother is like, trying to lock the back door for whatever reason. He’s struggling with the deadbolt, I don’t know quite where his logic was in that, but I remember laughing but also being like, “what the f*** are you doing?” He’s older than me. Obviously, less common sense. And so anyway, I like grabbed his arm, and I’m like, come back up and I grabbed his arm and like, “let’s go, I don’t care about the door”. And so we get downstairs and we hide in the laundry room. There’s this little space underneath the stairs in the laundry room, and we can see the window right above the washer that — if you were on the first floor it would be like basically where I was standing with a phone where I could see the tornado coming. So anyway, we just hear it cuz it was just like a glass block window. And we just hear this tornado just whipping the branches off the tree outside the house and just continuously bumping up against the house but it does not have enough power to do anything about it. I mean, luckily no windows broke, no sticks hit it or anything.

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