“I don’t like to come off super like rough of hard or like hard-going on people…”

And the last question I wanted to talk about was would you describe yourself more as a gentle summer breeze or like a tornado? Now, I definitely would say that there is a mixture of both ends of the spectrum that can be found within me. But anything besides that most people see is summer breeze, because that’s honestly the way I look to present myself. I don’t like to come off super like rough or hard or like hard-going on people especially if we’re meeting for the first time or if we’re just friends. I try to show like always my calm happy like happy-go-lucky side and never really show much anger, or real aggression toward anything, which is what I would assume a tornado would be. But yeah, I like to always present myself as a very easy-going person. Someone who could, you know, go with the flow, which fits perfectly with the idea of a summer breeze.

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