“… This dog that my brother scooped up in the middle of nowhere and rescued is a dog now”

My brother, he went on a trip across the country back near Thanksgiving. He was out from Thanksgiving to Christmas, traveling across the country. And he went in his van and he was by himself and he was starting to feel very lonely and very sad and — and kind of homesick and then he got to a place in… it was either Nevada or Arizona. I think it was Nevada, but he was at a gas station in Nevada, just outside of a Native American reservation, and there was a dog at this gas station, who was, y’know, sniffing through trash, trying to beg for people to give her food, stuff like that. So he scooped her up. Gave her a bath, took her to the vet, y’know, got her treated for fleas, brushed her, took care of her, and he gave her a name. He called her Coco, which in Navajo means night, because he found her at night in a gas station outside of a Navajo reservation. And, he brought her home, and for the first couple of weeks or even months she didn’t really know how to be a dog, y’know? Like she kinda just stood there in the middle of the room and didn’t really understand. Like she didn’t bark, she didn’t play, being pet wasn’t really a priority. She just existed. I mean, she was a great companion for my brother while he was on this trip, but outside of that she didn’t know how to be a dog. And so, y’know, after a few months of my brother trying to train her and care for her, he taught her the command speak eventually, and I think that was when it really turned around, because he taught her the command to speak and suddenly she understood that barking was something that she could do, and it was something that she was encouraged to do sometimes. So it was like, all of a sudden, she became a dog and she started barking. Not in an annoying way, but just how dogs do. She barks, she plays, she knows all these commands. She’s very loving, she’s wiggly and excited and her tail wags all the time, and it’s like, every time I see her, she’s increased her dogness by like eighty percent. And it’s such a joyous thing to see that this dog that my brother scooped up in the middle of nowhere and rescued is a dog now.

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