“I was just wishing I had a bloody nose when I was younger.”

I’ve never gotten a bloody nose before. Like I — I remember in like elementary school, I don’t know why I remember this specifically, but there’s like—there was like so many people just like getting bloody noses out of nowhere. Like, they didn’t hit their nose or their face or anything. They’re just like sitting in class and they’d just get bloody noses. I was like, “how is that even possible?” And for some reason, I really, really wanted to get a bloody nose just so I could go to the office and like skip class and stuff, but obviously, I don’t want to like get hurt, so I was just like wishing I had like a bloody nose when I was like younger, just like out of nowhere coming, so I can go to the office and like, do whatever. But I always thought that was weird. How do you just get a bloody nose from just sitting there? Like, I — I don’t know. I have absolutely no idea.

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