“I remember eating it without knowing what it was.”

In Thailand, there’s tons of street food. And like there’s these small restaurants. I guess that sort of act like street food. It’s not like the fat trucks—um—like food trucks we find in America. It’s like actual buildings and there’s tons of them close to each other and they’d sell like tons of soups and stuff. So we went to this one shop and the soup sold like in this certain soup was blood. Not human blood, but like I think pig blood? It’s like the texture isn’t like, you know, liquidy. It’s sort of solidified blood. I remember eating it without knowing what it was. And after I did find out, you know, I wasn’t too pleased but I wasn’t like too disgusted either, it was fine I guess. Another weird food. I don’t know the English name. We call it like, Hoy Kraeng. It’s like a blood mussels that we would order. I think that it’s probably blood clams. I don’t remember quite the right name. I think that might be like closer to what people in America might be more familiar with, like oysters and stuff.

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