photo of wooden squares that spell out "lucky"

“I feel like I’ve kind of lived, y’know, the best life that I could.”

Do you think you’re a lucky person or an unlucky person? Well, it’s a good question. I have a friend who I feel like is a very lucky person. She just, she seems to have — things seem to go her way. She’s won the lottery. She’s been on — She was chosen to be on a TV game show. She — I mean she just kind of like big things that you just sort of think of. “Oh my gosh, like, that was pretty lucky that you, y’know, that you won that or that you got to do that,” or, y’know, something like that. And I kind of have always felt that about her, that she kind of has this luck about her, and I don’t feel like I necessarily have that. Nothing that anybody would probably ever, really consider lucky has happened to me like that. But I feel extremely lucky in my life or, y’know, I don’t know if maybe lucky is not the right word, but grateful, y’know, I feel like — I feel like I’ve kind of, y’know, lived, y’know, the best life that I could, y’know, I don’t know. And I don’t know if that’s luck or if that’s or what that is, but I do feel — I do feel like that’s, y’know, maybe a little bit lucky.

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