“I definitely say “groovy” a lot.”

Besides “cool”, what words do I say when something is cool? I definitely say “groovy” a lot. Say “right on”, say “dope”. I say “hell, yeah”. I say, “amazing”. Other words that I’ve heard but don’t say, I don’t super say things are lit. I would say that’s like a little bit younger than me. I don’t say “tight”. I don’t actually, I don’t know what age group uses that, “tight”. Maybe it is my age group. I just don’t say it. Same with — Oh shoot, I just had another one –um–drew a blank. I don’t know. There’s another one that like I feel like boys, a couple of years older than me would say, let me think. Oh, shoot. Oh, “sick”. Yeah, I don’t really say that either. But yeah, I do like “groovy” I use “groovy” a lot and text just ’cause I feel like it — I don’t know it gives a wide range of saying, all right, cool. They’re — I feel it’s a good response to the things. And it just feels lowkey.

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