“I couldn’t believe my eyes…”

I remember, my family, ours- my family we, we got our own Elf on the Shelf, two of them, actually. One guy and one girl. We opened them and then gave them names and stuff. I think that’s the ritual you have to do. And then yeah, we let them do stuff cuz I wanted to see if it was actually real and holy crap. It’s like, I am fifteen right now. I’m turning sixteen in December, but I still believe what I saw was real. So I remember like they moved so much! We didn’t see them move, but they were just like in places my parents couldn’t have possibly put them like they were- In my living room we used to have this window to just some room for some reason. And like, on top of that was like this huge curtain, like maybe eight, ten feet off the ground, like this little pole where the curtains are on and they’re just sitting up there. I remember like we were watching them cuz my siblings and I was super scared. My parents just laughing at us. So I don’t- it was a very strange reaction. So like I remember blinking and like they were close together. Blinking again, they’re far apart. And blinking cuz I couldn’t believe my eyes, and they were close together again. What the heck! It was so weird.

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