“I was just like “seventh grade, here I come.”

What was one time in the past month that you felt super optimistic? I feel like I felt optimistic at our school orientation for seventh grade. That’s when we go into the middle school, high school, and so, I felt so optimistic in those moments because we made our commitment to graduate where we put our hand print on a piece of big paper that goes up in the cafeteria when you’re in high school, and it says the year you graduate on it and it’s super special. You get a picture in a cap and gown. You get to see all your classes, meet all your teachers, and I just felt so optimistic that this, you know, year was going to be a really great one. Seventh grade. I was just like “seventh grade, here I come.” Like, I’m going to be doing so many things that I didn’t get to do before, and I just get to experience school at a whole new level.

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