“Bravery isn’t like being afraid, but it’s doing it anyway”

What is one piece of wisdom that you’ve found helpful for you? So when I was in Scouts, there was this one campout called the Canadian American Jamboree and I believe it was in Canada, and it was really fun. But one of the things — this was back in like sixth grade or something. Um, there was one activity, which was rappelling wall, you climbed up the stairs on this platform and then they had this big flat wooden wall and you, you’re in a climbing harness and you get your rappelling device and you run the rope through it and then you sort of walk back down and then you let yourself down the, um, the mountain or the structure rappelling and at the time, I was scared of heights and I really didn’t wanna go and I was kind of crying and I did it anyways and one of the adult leaders was telling me, you know “Bravery isn’t like being afraid, but it’s doing it anyway,” sort of thing. And that always kinda stuck with me, and he’s passed away now, a few years back or over ten, I think. But that’s something that’s always stuck with me.

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