“It seems to become more and more of either an unknown…”

I spoke a lot about 9/11 last week. That’s still on my mind, even though we’re a, a week out from that. It’s always difficult to talk to my class about it, for me personally. And with every passing year, it seems to become more and more of either an unknown to my fourth and fifth graders or a mere curiosity. And it’s always a delicate balance to figure out how to cover 9/11 with my kids. And you know, I had a conversation with my uncle this week. And we spoke about how to discuss 9/11 with my class. And I mentioned how, you know, it’s a little delicate. I have to make sure that the way I present it is not in a fashion that might scar them. And pleasantly or politely, he was a little surprised. And he seemed to have the stance of, you know, teachers shouldn’t have to shy away from true history and, and what happened. And I get where he’s coming from on one hand, but on the other I do think there’s a time and a place for certain grades to learn certain things, at least in terms of the breadth or details of the events. You know, there’s, there’s even, well there’s countless moments from 9/11 that are brutal to hear about even as a adult. And so I do believe in some form of censoring that information, just as I would when discussing World War II or really any moment throughout history, you know. But then again, that’s the struggle. Sometimes I do wonder if the buck gets passed.

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