“I don’t think that helped my general grace level”

Uh, do I consider myself graceful or clumsy? I’m going to tie this in with another question. I consider myself really clumsy, and ever since I was little, I’ve just always had random bruises on my legs, just all black and blue from bumping into things and forgetting. Sometimes I would just accidentally cut myself. I’d not notice, ‘cause I felt a momentary, like, momentary pain, and then – ‘cause it happened so much of me bumping into things. I would just ignore it until someone else pointed it out. I also did climbing for quite a long time. So, you know, you got hurt a lot during climbing ‘cause you just bump against the wall, you fall, you scrape your arms and legs on the wall, and I don’t think that helped my general grace level, ‘cause you just get used to it. I’m also pretty tall for my age. So, you know. I’m very clumsy.

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