“I have always thought that we are not a part of the Midwest.”

I have always thought that we are not a part of the Midwest. We’re in the Eastern Time Zone and I feel like we’re more of a Great Lakes Region than the Midwest. Midwest to me seems more like the Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and I feel like in Michigan we’re so far removed from that. I mean, we do have farms in agriculture and stuff, but I think the Great Lakes are very defining characteristic for Michigan. And the whole idea about going up north, that doesn’t really happen anywhere else in the Midwest. And we share so much with our Canadian friends, I think, you know, Windsor is even a little bit south of Detroit. So I’ve always thought that that was kind of a fun fact when telling people about where we live, and it’s right of passage to go to Windsor when you turn nineteen because you could enter clubs and go drinking once you turn nineteen, you didn’t have to wait until you were twenty-one. So then when I went to college in Indiana, it was not a thing to go to the bars cuz you definitely needed to be twenty-one and there was absolutely no place you could go, that would let you in as a nineteen-year-old. So I feel like my friends from Indiana and Ohio in Illinois were just – found it to be a very novel idea that we just went across, the border every weekend, and hung out in Windsor.

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