“And so what I took away from that is just be extremely patient.”

I did learn once that — I was on a team that was working with a team in India. Programmers. And I didn’t experience this personally, but I had like a training module for business communication internationally, that it’s more customary in India for them to like, have a short personal conversation before getting down to business. Like, “Hey, how’s it going? How’s your day going?” Or even getting to know you, like, “What is your hobby?” or something before starting work. Which in my experience in the United States, that is not as common. It’s just like, “let’s get on this call. Let’s go through the agenda. Let’s do what we’re here to do.” And the message was that if you do that, some people in India might perceive that as rude. Just goes to show that it’s a subjective thing. Tough, tough thing to navigate. And so, what I took away from that is just be extremely patient. It’d be valuable to be generally aware of what’s considered rude or not. Cuz you know, the goal is to not be rude. It’s not constructive to a relationship usually. So yeah, you sometimes gotta — sometimes instead of saying, “We got a problem,” sometimes you gotta frame it as a challenge or an opportunity and that’s just part of collaborating with people, I think.

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