“It was a surreal experience seeing all of those things.”

One of the prompts is “what’s the coolest animal you’ve seen in person?” And like one of the team members, I have also went whale watching and I think that was one of the coolest experiences ever. We saw probably like hundreds of dolphins swimming right next to our boat. It was such a big — I’m not sure what the term for a group of dolphins is called. But like, it was a very, very large group of dolphins. And there were some baby dolphins swimming right next to their moms. And there were hundreds of them. They were like hop — sorry, jumping out of the water and they were doing, some of them were making these noises. It was, it was such a cool experience, like being at the head of the ship and so many — or like the head of boat and so many dolphins just around us. And we did also get to see blue, a blue whale which is crazy thinking that one of — like I got to see one of the largest mammals, or I believe the largest mammal ever. So, that was such a cool experience. And the thing with whales is that like, when we saw the whale, like the blowhole, and like its sprouting water out and it was huge, like you see it in pictures and videos like how — in pictures and videos, it doesn’t capture like how high the water goes and how much water that is. And when the whale dives back in and the tail like flaps into the water, it leaves this like glossy spot-on top, like on the surface of the water. I don’t know, it was a surreal experience seeing all of those things.

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