“You learn from life experience.”

I think the problem with the teen years, problem with the teen years is that, you know, you have — and I’ve told him this I said “The trouble is you have — you don’t have a lot of life experience where I have 40 years of life experience more than you do.” And so you learn hopefully from life experience as you get older and, you know, it’s better of course to learn from somebody else’s life experience, if you can possibly do that. But you learn from life experience and he said “Oh grandpa, you’re so smart”. And I said, “Well, I’m not particularly smarter than you are. I’ve just got a lot more experience” and I said, “You know, you’ve been a kid all your life. I mean you really don’t have any experience doing anything but being a kid. It’s just like me now being a senior citizen. I’ve never been a senior citizen before so I don’t even remember to ask for senior citizen discounts because I just don’t think about being a senior citizen.”

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