“That was really inspiring to me because they’re in their nineties”

This trip, I visited my great-aunt and my great-uncle who I haven’t seen in a while. And my great-uncle is actually 90 years old, or sorry, 91 years old and he, they live like a very happy and a very healthy life. My great-aunt recently suffered a stroke, but she was fine. She just can’t cook anymore. So her husband, he doesn’t cook either. So they order food. People bring them food. But her husband manages all their bills. He does all the accounting, keeps the books. And they live in an apartment in Brooklyn. Downtown Brooklyn, right by the water. And they live a very happy life. They get to see their children a lot. They have three boys. They get to see their grandchildren quite often. They get — they get to see their great-grandchildren sometimes. They get to see their aunts — or sorry, their nieces and nephews and then their great-nieces and nephews. Every year they host a Christmas brunch and stocking- and present-opening. This year it was a little different cause of COVID. But it was still — we still managed to do some type of form of it. And it was fun. It was nice. We got to see them and open presents and stockings. But it was really inspiring to me because it showed me that if you take care of yourself and you take care of the people around you, it’s gonna help you to live a more happy and a more successful and a more fulfilling life, and it’s going to help you to form stronger relationships and stronger bonds with others and help you to just live a better life. And that was really inspiring to me because they’re in their nineties and every day they do something to make them happy. They get out of the house. They go for a walk. They eat good food. And they — they connect with others and they try to brighten others’ days. And it was… it — and they’re in their nineties, like they don’t have to be doing that but they do it every day and it was, it was really inspiring.

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