“Make sure you have your microwave cake.”

And so I discovered – bear with me here – I discovered I could basically take some cake batter and maybe add some water, put it in a bowl and put in the microwave for a couple minutes. And it would make, like, impromptu cake. Uh, it would not be fully cooked. I know this probably sounds disgusting, so my apologies, but it was cake-ish enough to hit me just right, you know. And if it wasn’t fully formed, if it was a little, if it was still, like, batter-y, no problem. It just – it tasted like warm batter, which was amazing. I did not use eggs in those instances. So, I tried to steer clear of the whole salmonella thing, but yeah, for a while that was, uh, that was a treat that I had in my back pocket, make a little microwave cake. In fact I even remember when I went to go visit my girlfriend at the time at the Mayo Clinic, when she was there. That was one of the things I think I packed – either packed it along with me, which is hilarious to think about, going through the check list of things you need when you travel. “Make sure you have your microwave cake,” or maybe we went to the store after we got there and then that was on my list, which is also funny, like, “All right, what do you need to make it through, you know, your time up here in Minnesota? Uh, okay. Yeah. So here’s the essentials: First of all, I need cake.” So, yeah, I have found memories of microwave cake. I haven’t done it for years, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try again. Maybe this will be the start of another era of microwave cake, just talking about it.

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