“I would love it to get word of the year”

My favorite word in the entire world is something that people often make fun of me for. I had the definition memorized by heart or at least the definition that I learned it. My favorite word is “blasé” It’s a French origin. And it mean “uninterested or unimpressed because of frequent exposure or access” and it is my favorite word. I would love it to get word of the year because it’s “blasé”, you know, what, sounds like majestic. It sounds really nice. And I know that that’s probably like really weird, but I really like that word, like it’s a — it’s a pretty sound to say. And it’s a super funny definition because if there was a kid named Blasé, like Blasé could feel blasé. My teacher, when she told us what blasé is, she said it wrong. She described it like something is blasé like you’re exposed to it frequently, but really, it’s an emotional. I looked it up and it’s like, it’s — you feel blasé because something’s exposed to you frequently. So, I have actually thought — I actually corrected in my teacher inside my head a lot, and don’t tell her that.

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