“So for anybody who’s not in their forties, wait till you get to your forties life is good.”

What do I think is the best part of our being in my forties? Well, let’s see. Since my 40s were twenty years ago – in some cases. The best part about being in my forties – you know, the interesting thing, I was talking to my grandson the other day about this, each year of life – Each decade of life is richer than the year before. And I think it’s got something to do with, as we age, we gain more knowledge and more knowledge, and more knowledge and we have richer experiences or maybe, you know, not such exciting, experiences are whatever. we used to think was exciting. You know, we age, we grow, but each decade is richer. I don’t know if how to describe it any better than that. Those of you who are older but know what I’m talking about, you know, when I turned twenty, I thought, well, great I’m twenty. You know, when I turned twenty-one and you turn thirty all of a sudden and you look back – well twenties were kind of fun, you know? And you turn thirty and now you’re supposed to be an adult and you turned, now you turn forty and that’s a big milestone for people. You look back in your thirties, were kind of interesting. And, you know, and God willing, and you’ll turn fifty and look back on your forties and turn in your sixties, you know, how long you look back on your fifties and cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Once they’ve, I tell until your number is called. So, what was the question? Oh, yeah. The best thing about being in your forties. I think, you know if things are going correctly, you’re kind of settled in a career maybe or all that stuff that garbage it – like guff that you have when you’re you know, first starting out that’s kind of taken care of. You got a little bit of a routine. You may be getting a little head in your career, a little bit. Life is starting to smooth out a little bit and your forties you’re for the most part young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. And you know, you’re if you have a family or kids are growing and sprouting and, you know, and life is good. It really is. So for anybody who’s not in their forties, wait till you get to your forties life is good.

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