“I’m the person I am today because of them.”

“In the 1920s, King Tut’s tomb was finally opened. The ancient Egyptians are known for burying people with possessions that they could carry with them into the afterlife. What is something that you would like to take with you throughout your life and into a possible afterlife?” I think the one thing that I would really like to take with me, throughout my life and into a possible afterlife, is my family, specifically my father, my mother, and my sister. Just because I can't imagine what my life would be without them. They -- I'm the person I am today because of them, you know, the way they raised me, the way they inspire me, my dreams, everything comes from them and I think my biggest fear is losing them. So if I could take them with me throughout my life and into the possible afterlife, that would be -- I would consider myself the luckiest person on Earth. Wow, I’m choking up. Okay. That was a very emotional, emotional question.

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“I don’t know how they expect to come out of this on a good note if we’re not acknowledging the problem.”

A local headline that I found in my email, the Board of Commissioners and what else some sort of elected officials have made the health department devoted to essentially, defund a lot of the programs and have them as a low priority. Not sure what the exact terminology was but just not track Covid numbers, not put out recommendations and that sort of thing. And I just find it infuriating living in a low socio-economic area where people depend on the health department for vaccinations and information and guidance. Asking them not to essentially by not giving them as much money is infuriating. It's just really sad. I don't, I don't know how they expect to come out of this on a good note if we're not acknowledging, the problem.

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“Not sure I want to be friends with either”

Friends with the mummy or Zombie. Initially, I'm thinking zombie, don't really know why. Mummy? So they're both like these undead creatures, I'm assuming this is a mummy that like came back to life or something. I've never seen a particularly redeeming quality of a mummy. They've all just been haunted and wanting to murder everyone that they came in contact with. Or zombies, There's a little more- they don't have that explicitly murderous intention. It's more like a, like a madness that they want to attack and bite people. Not sure I want to be friends with either, doesn't seem like either have particularly redeeming qualities. With the zombie, I feel like I at least understand the intension and that there- It seems like less humanoid, for some reason. It just seems like a less evil intention than the mummies at least that I've seen in fiction. So maybe for some reason I'm leaning toward Zombie.

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“She was my best friend, my travel buddy, my partner in crime”

I'm sitting here missing my mother. She's passed on now. Six years ago. And I miss her. I wrote this piece about a month after she passed. I wrote it on Sunday, September 11th, 2016. I am left in a void that is threatening to swallow me whole. My ma, she didn't want me. That's how I started in this life. Daddy wanted me. Ma was 22 and already tired from raising those boys. Another child was the last thing she needed she told my daddy, but he wanted to try for a girl, a princess for him. And so I was conceived. She told me the story that always ended with this line. I wouldn't have given up on you the second I laid my eyes on you. She spent her life, never giving up on me clumsy as I've been throughout this life Mom was the one who always steadied me. She picked me up dust me off and set me straight again. She has been my most influential teacher. She has taught me everything. I ever needed to know about life her pride and little things in life gave me a good understanding of what is important enough to strive for to be a success. She counted her riches and sticky little kisses her grandchildren left on her cheeks. She counted her assets in the crystalline sounds of laughter coming from her children. The treasure box of her life was filled with her grandchildren's accomplishment. Family was the backbone of her life. She lived that and showed me how to as well. Family, gatherings; every Easter, babies and old folks always welcomed. During these times, you could not walk through the house at night without tripping on someone people laid out and sleeping in every room on every floor. Love and laughter Gatherings. Where my mom's gift. She stood next to me when my children were born. She stood next to me years later when my grandchildren were born. She is the foundation of my family. As we grew older, the bond between us strengthened. I held, no secrets from my mama to her chagrin, and still she remained my biggest and most loyal fan. My mama was so much more to me than a parent. She was my best friend, my travel buddy, my partner-in-crime. She was my confidant and my rock. She may not have been…

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