“Not sure I want to be friends with either”

Friends with the mummy or Zombie. Initially, I’m thinking zombie, don’t really know why. Mummy? So they’re both like these undead creatures, I’m assuming this is a mummy that like came back to life or something. I’ve never seen a particularly redeeming quality of a mummy. They’ve all just been haunted and wanting to murder everyone that they came in contact with. Or zombies, There’s a little more- they don’t have that explicitly murderous intention. It’s more like a, like a madness that they want to attack and bite people. Not sure I want to be friends with either, doesn’t seem like either have particularly redeeming qualities. With the zombie, I feel like I at least understand the intension and that there- It seems like less humanoid, for some reason. It just seems like a less evil intention than the mummies at least that I’ve seen in fiction. So maybe for some reason I’m leaning toward Zombie.

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