“So she actually, like, (…) took apart her alarm, trying to get the sound to go off”

I have been kicked out of a building because of a fire alarm. I was traveling in Scotland and it was the first night actually that I was in Scotland. It was in a hotel in Edinburgh. And it had been a long day of travel, and I was so tired, and had pretty much just gone to bed, or maybe even just fallen asleep. So, I had gone to bed a little bit earlier, you know, a little bit before. I was just starting to drift off to sleep, and the fire alarm went off, and I remember kind of not knowing what it was. It sounded a little bit different in Scotland than it, than, you know, any other fire alarm that I’ve heard, but realized that that’s what it was and had to — we did have to evacuate or we did evacuate and it was totally a false alarm — well, I shouldn’t say it was a false alarm. There was no actual fire, but someone was smoking in a stairwell and it set off the alarm. And it was so funny though, because there were people, you know, travelers from all over and, you know, we were standing across the street on, you know, this old, you know, old cobbled street in Edinburgh, on the Royal Mile. And all these people in there, you know, from, you know, these people in their pajamas, you know, from all over the world basically, you know, staying in this hotel and so you’d hear, like, different languages. And there was this one lady who said that she didn’t know what it was, and had gotten a new alarm for the trip. And this was her, you know, her first night on the trip, too. And she — so she’d never heard her alarm before. So she thought that it was her alarm that was going off. So she actually, like, took apart, you know, in her fumbled, you know, sleep took apart her alarm, trying to get the sound to go off, and then realized that it wasn’t, realized that it wasn’t her alarm. It was actually, you know, actually the fire alarm and she, you know, then realized that she actually had to leave, you know, leave the building.

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