“It was so bad we had to keep watching.”

It was four AM one day, and we were just, we’re in the mood to start a TV show or watch a full-blown movie. We just wanted something quick to entertain ourselves ’cause we were all a little bit low on energy. So we were on YouTube and for some reason, my friend’s laptop had the Barbie movie come up on the recommended, because her little sister was watching some Barbie movies earlier on the day on her, like laptop or something. And so we put on Barbie movies and they were so — like the quality was so bad ’cause they were made so long ago and, like, the animation was just so, not what we’re used to these days where the animation is so beautiful and they — like the movie itself just is so aesthetic these days, but like back then they didn’t have of course, that technology. So the animation was quite bad and the dialogue and the characters and the plot. It was just, it was just so bad that we had to keep watching and we just like, giggled our way throughout the whole movie. And, of course, we skipped some parts because we wouldn’t have been able to survive that otherwise. I’m trying to think of, like other recent movie examples that I didn’t necessarily enjoy, but I just kept watching. And sometimes I just need something to be on while I’m eating something. Like if I came home from school and I’m eating a snack or it’s like Saturday night, I just made a bowl of pasta or like some sort of dinner, like, instant Ramen or something. I usually like, watching something to entertain myself because it’s like, no one else is eating dinner with me because everyone else already ate and I’m just sitting here alone at a dining table. That’s not fun. So sometimes I just need something to watch and for those times. I might just put anything on. Because again, at that point, I will take anything just to entertain myself. So in those situations, sometimes I keep watching things even though they’re bad.

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