“Definitely glad to come up and meet some of the team.”

So I just wanted to say thanks again to Michigan Diaries for hosting that event yesterday. As part of the MSU Science Festival, Michigan Diaries had kind of a booth set up. Didn’t – it was a little chilly, so didn’t get the full Listening Garden experience, but that’s okay. Yeah, met members of the team for the first time, met Dr. Sneller, met Dr. Wagner. Very cool. Met some members of the team. It’s – I don’t know, I was sort of on the fence, whether I should drive up. It’s a little bit of a hike, but I mean, it was the first time that the Michigan Diaries had invited diarists to do something in-person. So, you know, figured I’d take the opportunity. I’m glad I did. Definitely glad to come up and meet some of the team.

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