“My Aunt one time missed a train…”

Have I ever missed a plane, bus, or a train. No, actually, I haven’t. I actually haven’t my, my aunt one time missed a train as she was going back down south about- we got train service at that time. She missed, She was like, she was perpetually late – my dad always said she ever had to catch and she said, “If she had a train to catch, she’d miss it!” Well doggone  she did. So, my mother and she and I got into our old – or about then it was our brand new 1966 Ford, Galaxie 500 XL with a 390, and my mom herded her to the next town, to try to catch a train, just missed the train. And so, we beat feet about 27, miles south on the next stop of the train. Hopefully, to catch the train. My mother had kind of a leadfoot and we beat the train to the next town and my aunt was a able to catch a train and progress by themselves. And so that was kind of cool. It kind of an adventure for a me as a young kid. I probably was about, I don’t know, might be about twelve years old, something like that. So I thought it was kind of cool.

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