Emma Dayton

” Operation safe kitty, success”

So it’s the summer of 2019 and my friend and I wanted to visit one of the parks in town that we’ve never been before. It was a lot of fun, we spent the whole day there. And then right as we’re about to get into our car, something, like, fuzzy brushed, like, by my ankle and I freaked out. And my friend was already in the car about to drive. I was like, “Wait.” I looked underneath the car and it was the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. Well, it was a kitten. It had bright blue eyes and it was different colors of black and gray and white. And we’re like, “We can’t just leave this cute cat in this park defenseless.” So we walked around — the park was just about to close — asking people, like, “Hey, have you lost a cat?” looking for the cat mom. And we concluded that this poor kitty was just abandoned. So we took it in with us and even though this cat was adorable — I cannot emphasize that enough — it was aggressive, a little feisty one. And we took it back to my friend’s house because I’m a dog family and that couldn’t mix, and she is a cat family. So it was perfect. So they had cat food and water, we put this kitten in a kiddie pool, fed him or her, and it was a lot of fun. It, like, obviously hadn’t eaten in a while. But as I mentioned before, it was a feisty one. After it got the food and water, it popped the kiddie pool in efforts to escape and it was very successful in that. It ran into the woods area by my friend’s house and we spent another half an hour trying to find this little one. After a while we got the kitty back and we put the cat back in our car and we called every shelter in town and no shelters were accepting cats at that moment. We contacted all our friends and eventually somebody picked up and was just like, “Hey, my past teacher so-and-so accepts cats.” And I’m like, “Oh, Mr. Blank?” I won’t say any names. But they’re like, “Yeah!” So we got to drive to one of my favorite teachers’ house, drop off the cutest kitty, and it finally had a good home. And I was happy. Operation Safe Kitty, success.

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