Hailey Deptula

“Today I’m feeling thankful for nature and these opportunities.”

Lately my focus has felt off, maybe at times even bit foggy, but with the transition of ending spring semester into summer break, things have felt off balance. Summer classes and work are now in full swing and I’m preparing to move into a new place very soon. All very exciting things, but still stressful nonetheless. For the long weekend, I’ve been visiting my partner’s family. We celebrated the wedding of a close friend and spent a lot of time outdoors. This weather’s been wild for Michigan. I can’t believe how warm the past few days have been. After a long day of adventuring on the dunes near Lake Michigan, we decided to wind down by the hot tub. The sky happened to be clear for the first time in a while. So we were watching the stars appear as the sun went down and enjoyed the constellations as patterns began to paint themselves across the sky. We’d only gone out to relax for a little while until my partner gasped and said “no way”. Instead of getting ready to get out as I had been before, I paused and joined him as he pointed to where he saw the meteor fall. What was planned to be a short trip outside transformed into something longer. We were determined to see more of these shooting stars. They were so beautiful. Our efforts proved to be worthwhile as the stars shone above the warm summer breeze. The beauty of it all really helped me to clear my mind and remember that all the stressors in my life right now are part of the bigger picture. Just as each of those stars played a role in creating the beautiful sky for us that night. Today I’m feeling thankful for nature and these opportunities. It always seems to be the best relief for a stressed-out mind.

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