“I put it in our basketball team’s shared folder.”

So I have, I have an older sibling, and you know, siblings have the kind of relationship where you’ll take pictures dressed in weird outfits, you know, making funny faces and send them to each other. And so, me and my sister have a, have a funny, we have, a funny picture, folder, or album, and it’s a shared folder. And so, you know, in fact for her graduation, I actually took some pictures from that and hung them, and hung them up on her picture board. But, so I, I was going through my uncle’s closet, and he’s like six feet tall and I’m five feet and a half, and so when I wore his, I wore one of his tracksuits and it was super big on me. And I, you know, I dressed up like a rapper and I took a picture and I put it in our shared album. Um, you get a notification and so I knew she’d be notified about it. But instead I put it in our basketball team’s shared folder, and needless for me to say it, it was very, very bad because, um, everybody was like, “Oh N-Honey in the house.” You know, they, they — I- I- still haven’t recovered from that. Um, yeah, so lesson learned, you know, check what shared folder you upload something to.

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