“I do a lot of things where not that many women are prominent”

Have I ever had a personal experience with double standards? I definitely have. I do a lot of things where not that many women are prominent in the field or women of color. One of those things is chess and another one of those things is coding. And you know, I guess you know even even like this Monday this past Monday, I was playing chess against against this old man, and I won and like his whole friend group was like, “oh my God like you won against you, you lost to a girl, you lost to a girl”. But like literally like a half hour before, a boy beat him and none of them said anything like that. And so that’s a double standard I’ve experienced in terms of like woman winning, winning against a man in chess and then the same with like coding, you know. When you when you go to a lot of coding events, there aren’t that many girls present and so, you know, you just get like those weird looks. In terms of opportunities, there isn’t always equity in that, but I do think that we’ve come a long way and that we need to acknowledge that. You know, no matter what double standards are always gonna exist. You just need to make sure that people who, you know, apply to those double standards or take part in those double standards, you know. Those those numbers just need to be lower.

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