“It’s just very heavy on our minds right now.”

Rather than just share memes and complain about it, I did go and order, even before this came out but just when it was kind of threatened. Well, we knew ‘cause of the draft, I ordered a petition sheet. And so I’ve collected some signatures and I’m gonna send that back just to get this on the ballot in Michigan ‘cause at the end of the day if it’s our decision as a state, I would like it to be the current people’s decision, not people from, you know, 1931 or the 50s or the 60s. Like put it before your current people, where I do feel like in the state it would overwhelmingly pass because I know several people who are super conservative who still believe it should be their right to choose. So I’m very excited that it doesn’t appear to be such a partisan issue and that it’s more of people are recognizing this is about our rights as women. And maybe I’m sharing this information and the person listening is not happy with that. I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to offend anyone. I just, I don’t wanna make any decision for anyone. I would hate to be put in that position. I’ve never had to be put in that position. The only miscarriage I’ve ever had didn’t require intervention of any kind. But I just don’t wanna make a decision for someone else and I want me and my husband to be able to make the right decision for us, and, and we do want a baby. We want one really soon, but who’s to say? You know, you just — there’s so many situations that you don’t know you’ll be put into and I don’t want to be relegated to my life being threatened or carrying the life of a baby that, or not carrying the life, carrying a baby who’s not going to have a life or is gonna be harmful to deliver because there’s something so wrong with their physical structure. I mean, there’s just so many situations, and so I’m really — I’m trying to just be positive that we can mobilize and do exactly what we have the power to do. But it’s, it’s very heavy on my mind and I’m thankfully married to someone who, he saw it before I did because I was just very busy at work, and he was more outraged than I expected. When I met him, he was very apathetic towards politics and, and I’m a pretty passionate person and I feel very strongly in the right to vote and I work elections and I don’t really care how you vote, necessarily, I just want you to make good decisions and be informed. And so I’ve been really pleased over the course of our four-year relationship how well he’s done at educating himself. And, and it’s not me telling him what I think. He comes to his own conclusions, and we just happen to align on most of them. So that’s just been on my mind a lot, obviously. I think for most people in the United States, specifically female, it’s just very heavy on our minds right now.

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