“…we bought tickets and went even though we were not done with our semester.”

Have I ever been someplace where it never fully got dark? I have not been some place where there was never a sunset but I’ve been someplace where the sunset really late. So my sen – I guess it’s not really my senior year – my last year of my grad program, I was living on the East Coast pretty close to Boston and a lot of flights out of Boston, especially going to Europe are so much cheaper than they were when I was living in the midwest. So I found myself – and at the time I was also dating someone that lived in Ireland, so I kept an eye on flights for that reason. But it was probably 2015, and at that time there was a – I can’t remember the name of the airline, but there was an airline that was advertising for trips to Iceland really really inexpensively. And I think their kind of shtick was that they would do a lot of like layovers in Iceland give people an opportunity to kind of tour around and then you had the option to continue onto other places in Europe if you wanted to. But they also just flew people kind of, you know straight to Iceland as well. So I remember it was my last semester and we were not done we had maybe two weeks left of class, and my friend texted me that she just found flights round trip to Iceland for a hundred and eighty dollars, I think. And so we were like, “Oh my gosh, we have to go!” And so we bought tickets and went even though we were not done with our semester. So we got there and I remember it was really convenient because the sun didn’t go down for so long. I think it was bright until like 11pm, maybe even after that. And so we were kind of exploring the country during the day and then trying to stay awake and write papers. We had one big paper that was due while we were there. Thankfully, the person that went with me we were both in the same class. So we kind of had that to commiserate about, but it was really nice to have it’d be so sunny for so long. I definitely as you know, I think most humans do find their energy waning as it gets darker and darker and so it was pretty bizarre to have it be light for so long. I would forget that we’d been up for you know, however many hours. So I definitely left that trip tired, but had a great time was able to see a lot of the country.

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