“I got a new hamster…”

Yeah, I got a new hamster by the way. I had one, he died recently. What happened was, he was a friend of mine – or so my sister’s roommate now, and who is her best friend in high school had a hamster. That she didn’t want anymore, which also made me very sad, but we’ll talk about that later. She didn’t want him anymore and I was like, “I’ll take him.” I don’t – he’s like he was already two years old at this point. He – there, they don’t live that long, but I was like, “I’ll take him and I’ll let his live live the rest of his cute little life out with me.” Like, it’ll be fine. What I didn’t anticipate was getting attached to him. So he died last week and I was very upset but at that point it was like well now I want another little guy. So, I went and got another hamster. Same hamster, the Roborovski dwarf hamster. They’re very cute, and I love them. But mine now, I got used to having like one that was already used to people and now mine’s like gonna – not bite me but, like does not like me that much right now because I plucked her out of her little house at the pet store, but I’m working on it. So that’s why we’re talking around her right now. So she gets used to my voice.

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