“The shop always had big stacks of tires in them…”

If it’s a smell specifically, new tire smell. Love the smell of like that rubber plasticy smell. Oh love it. You know you’re going to Walmart and you walk through the the automotive tire section. Oh frick, I love that smell. I don’t know why, I think it smells like the shop, like growing up my um, you know, my abuelo had a shop on the property because he was a harvesting and hauling company for oranges. So you had – we had to fix you know the rigs. We call them goats, but they’re actually loaders. They just go slow, that’s what we call them goats. They’ll you know, they’ll load – they’re like tubs and you fill the tubs full of oranges from the fields. So that’s what you do from the groves. Other machinery tractors etc. They didn’t always do oranges, but that was a big thing. And the shop always had big stacks of tires in them and that’s what it smelt like. So maybe that’s why I like that smell.

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