“There had to have been 700 people come to my mother’s house to visit with my son.”

Have you ever made a backup plan for something just in case your original plan didn’t work?

Yeah, doing parties, there’s always a backup plan in case it rains. When my son graduated high school — oh, it was so funny because he was a very popular boy, very popular. He belonged to two churches. He was — belonged to two youth groups. He was a football player. He was a star football player. He was homecoming king he was, um, you name it, he was it. And I had made out a hundred and one invitations for him to send out in the mail. And he came back to me and said, “Mama, do you mind if I make up a flyer for my — and I’ll just pass out flyers for my party.”

I said no, “I don’t mind. How many do you need? I’ll make them for you.” He said, “Probably about 350,” and I laughed at him. So, fast forward to his — his party day, the most torrential down fall there ever was.

I was outside with an umbrella, between me and my husband, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, and all the graduation fare that you you may — you can imagine, and there in my poor mother’s house because we were having it at my mother’s house. Inside her house, it was wall to wall people, all day long. There had to have been 700 people come to my mother’s house to visit with my son that day. It was absolutely incredible. I’d never seen anything like it.

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