“I even got an Airbnb once for my rabbits.”

We were hanging out on Sunday. She was like, at one point. I don’t know how this came up. But she was like, “What do you do about your rabbits? Like, when you travel? Like who – what do you, you know – where do you put them? Where do you take them?” And I was like, “Oh well, historically, you know, I would just give them – if I was gonna be gone for a week or so, I would just give them to my mom, you know, or my sister and just drop them off and we have a whole like secondary cage system and all that jazz.” And like now I just haven’t been traveling, you know, since I moved and stuff. And then I also had a kennel that I used to go to, but like I would never put them in a kennel like that anymore. It just seems like it was like super – it would stress the rabbits out a lot, and like instead if it was – if they could be either at home here, it would be the best. Or even then, I even got an Airbnb once for my rabbits because I took them quote unquote “with me”, but like I couldn’t take them, you know, in Lansing where I needed to go. So I set them up, I got an Airbnb in Lansing. It was super awkward because I was like asking on Airbnb like, “Can I have a day rental but not for a human? Like for a rabbit?” So I set up a cage in this person’s like, you know, bedroom and then I just left them in there. But yeah, I just needed some place that was air conditioned, because I couldn’t keep them in my car. Like, obviously that would be terrible and so. Anyway, it worked out really well.

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