“How do you observe Disenchantment Tuesday, you ask?”

I want to talk about a holiday that I invented several years ago, and I am doing my darnedest to promote it. My darnedest meaning that I post about it every year on Facebook. So I guess that’s not really like a lot of effort. This holiday originated on a Tuesday in October roughly five years ago when I was just having a bad day. I was feeling grumpy and I was feeling weird. And so I decided, “you know what, you know what today is? Today is Disenchantment Tuesday, that’s what it is.” And I was in a strange enough mood that I not only declared that day Disenchantment Tuesday, but I put it on my Outlook calendar for the second Tuesday, the next October. And every year when that time rolls around I do that again, I put it on my Outlook for the next year. And how do you observe Disenchantment Tuesday, you ask? Well, this is how you observe Disenchantment Tuesday. You try a food, TV show, song, whatever; something from your personal yesteryear that you used to love, ideally when you were a child, and you try it again to see what it’s actually like. Sometimes this goes cheerfully and your Disenchantment Tuesday is derailed, and that’s okay because that’s a good thing. When you find out that something actually was good, that’s great. But in my experience, more often than not, you find out that, “wow, that was a piece of junk. Why did I ever love that?” I’m not going to mention the specific things that I’ve done this with because I don’t want to bad mouth companies whose employees depend on the revenue they get from selling the things that children think are awesome, that you grow up and find out are not so awesome, maybe, as you thought they were. But that’s that’s how you do it. That’s what you do. Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised and sometimes you’re not so pleasantly surprised, so, tell your friends.

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