“… Dogs eating chocolate is kind of a bad thing.”

I will take you through an actual scary story, only it’s not gonna be super scary ’cause I don’t wanna like go too far, but so yesterday I came home from work, after doing all sorts of errands and running around. And when I got there, my friend’s dog, you know, walked up to me and started barking at me and he was excited to see me and then he left the couch at the entrance to go do something. Who knows what, just dog things. But then he came back with something red in his mouth and he wears a red collar and I was like, “What the heck is that?” It’s a Kit Kat bar. And I would be surprised if anybody didn’t know this, but dogs eating chocolate is kind of a bad thing. He had found a bag – somebody’s canvas bag, that had three little pieces of candy bars in there, all chocolate, and strewn them across the room and had successfully opened and eaten Hershey’s. The Kit Kat and Reese’s were fine, but his owner, my friend, was downstairs asleep in his recliner as he does. And nobody else was home, and I actually didn’t know anything about dogs and chocolate  other than you’re not supposed to mix them. But apparently your dog can ingest about .45 milligrams or ounces – .45 ounces per pound of body weight and be okay, maybe just a little sick. So looked that up and then I didn’t have a scale to weigh this dog, so my solution to that was to look up how much water weighs, take a lightweight bowl and then fill it with five pounds of water, because he’s a small dog. And then hold them both and see which is heavier and sort of estimate, you know, their weight. And then use that info to see if they ate too much. They ate like one tenth of what would cause them to need the vet which is nice, but. Yeah, dogs and chocolate. 

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