“I don’t think teenagers should be able to vote.”

I don’t think teenagers should be able to vote, ’cause they say the brain isn’t fully developed until 27, but people are voting at 18. And if teens could be able to vote, I feel like their decision would be swayed by their parents. You know, what they decide. Or by, like, what their friends are doing, it won’t be because this is what they want to do. So that’s definitely why they shouldn’t be able to vote, and because I consider myself a teenager and I don’t pay any attention to politics. Like, that’s a big stress that I don’t have to add to my life right now. I already have enough going on. The only thing I need to work on right now is school. I don’t have to pay attention to politics, I can leave that to my parents. You know, that’s like an adult thing to do, so I think by not voting it’s, you know, something that teenagers don’t have to stress about.

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