“It was not like riding a bike.”

But I did learn my senior year of high school, I learned to play the guitar. Someone from my church gave me some free lessons and I played throughout college, and that was the one I enjoyed the most because I like have written songs ever since I could write and to be able to write my own songs and then like actually play them, like come up with the music for them and everything was really satisfying. I just played for me. I didn’t play in front of people or anything. I just played because I enjoyed it. And I still have my guitar which was my dad’s old guitar and I hadn’t played for years though, because once I got married and had kids it’s like well, I don’t really want to – part of it was something that I did for me and I couldn’t with all those people around. So I dunno, maybe last year when I was alone for a weekend, I got out my guitar and I was like, “Maybe it’ll be like riding a bike, you know?” It was not like riding a bike. I remember, you know, five or six chords, but after that I like had to look ’em up and it was like, “Oh man, I’ve really lost my skill here.” But, still very fun, and I’m glad that I did it and that I could still sort of kinda do it.

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