“… I think that cost me a lot of jobs.”

You know, so a lot of people wanna feel like – like growing up in school, I was teased by a few people because I didn’t have like, I dunno, name brand clothes or I didn’t have my hair done all the time or, you know. So I would say in school, growing up, there was pressure. Not by everybody, but by enough people that it was difficult. And then I – let’s see. You know, my parents really didn’t take me to like the dentist and stuff growing up. Like, I had never gone to a dentist until, like, I was in my mid to late twenties, and I, you know, I had kind of crooked teeth because my wisdom teeth had come in, and kinda pushed my other teeth forward and made them crooked, and it didn’t hurt but it did look bad. And so I think that cost me a lot of jobs. Because I didn’t have any insurance and stuff when I was going through, you know, community college and university. And so, you know, of course, it’s like I was trying to study and get an education and survive. I didn’t have money for braces. My plan was to get a job and then get braces and stuff later on. So I would go into, like, interior design firms and architecture firms and stuff and try to, like – I would get interviews. But as soon as I would smile, they would like instantly look at my teeth and the mood would kinda change. So it’s like, I would, you know, have a good resume and we have a good phone interview or phone – you know, like, you know, when they call you and say “Hey, would you like to come in?” And stuff, and that would all go fine. And then I would come in and people would, like, look at my teeth, and it would just change. And even for jobs where it’s not, like, customer-facing, like, maybe I would’ve been assisting someone or, you know, or on the computer designing that, you know, it’s like even in – like it wouldn’t have been face-to-face with rich customers or something, it would’ve been like doing stuff kind of behind the scenes and they, you know, were still judgmental. So it took a long time and I finally got to the point where I was able to get Invisalign. I probably could have spent the money on better things, like a better car or gotten a house faster and things, but I did get Invisalign. And since then I haven’t had like, you know, potential employers look at me weird when I come in.

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