“It’s so overwhelming to have ads everywhere in our lives all the time.”

I was looking at the prompts and the prompt about advertisements I thought was really interesting. Like how advertisements have changed since I was a kid. I feel like it’s so different now. I feel like I had kind of a crisis, like a year or two ago, where I felt like I was, like, constantly bombarded with information and ads. I think that this was like at the height of covid, and everyone was just really stressed out, and it was around that time that I deleted my social media. And I also did one more thing, I started paying for YouTube Premium, which is YouTube without ads, and I feel like both of those things have helped my, like, everyday life just feel a lot easier. I was really overwhelmed going on, like, Facebook or Instagram and constantly seeing things for sale and feeling like I needed to buy things, and at the time I really needed to save money. So I would be really stressed out to go on and, like, see all these ads, and it was for stuff that I didn’t even want or like stuff that was tangentially related to me but, like, I didn’t need. And it’s so overwhelming to like have ads, like, everywhere in our lives all the time.

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