“I feel like I’ve got a lot less stress around eating…”

Note: This diary contains a discussion of restrictive eating.

So I’ll continue what I was talking about with my relationship with food. Yeah, I’ve recently I just been noticing that the changes I’ve been making and choosing more whole foods, even though they may be higher calorie, is giving me an opportunity to reconnect with my body and check in with my body, and feel just like the sensations of fullness and hunger, in a way that I honestly have not in a while. And so that feels really promising for me since it’s something that I’ve kind of struggled with for a while, especially like since early college I would say. So maybe about six or seven years. Yeah, and I feel like through this process, I have gained some weight over the last year, and it’s starting to level out, which is awesome. I don’t feel like I’ve noticed too many changes in my weight lately. But yeah, I’m just noticing that the changes I’m making, on a psychological level, in not restricting food and, you know, not seeing food as good or evil has actually given me the mental and physical satisfaction that I have been trying to find from my food. So yeah, that feels really good. I feel like I’ve got a lot less stress around eating. Which like I mentioned earlier, you know, obviously you have to do it for survival. So this was kind of a big deal for me and I’m really excited about it.

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