“I have never participated in a Battle of the Books before.”

We have something I’m looking forward to. Well, coming up this week at work, we have Battle of the Books coming up. So fifth graders read 10 books that were chosen – before I started, the books were chosen. But I did get to help write the questions for the books this year. Next year, I’ll get to help select the books. And we… Yeah, so there’s probably around 50 fifth graders who are coming in in teams and they will compete answering the questions about these 10 books. And I have never participated in a Battle of the Books before so I’m kind of interested to see how it goes. How the kids do, how hard or easy our questions were. It’s kind of – I felt like it was a little bit hard for us to judge what a hard or easy question will be for these fifth graders. So we’ll see how that pans out. And I also contacted all the authors of the 10 books. Well, nine authors and Roald Dahl’s estate, to see if they would send any, you know, congratulation words or a video or something. And I think we had seven out of the ten authors responded and sent something in. Some of them sent even like bookmarks and stickers and things like that, several videos and a couple, you know, written things that we’ll read out to the kids. So I think they’ll be kind of – I think they’ll be surprised about that. You know, hearing from the authors, seeing some of them, and getting, you know, congratulations from the authors of these books that they read, so I’m excited to see how they react to all of that.

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