Lena Abed

“I’m just really grateful to be in a new place…”

Hello, my name is Lena and I’m going to be answering the question “What are you grateful for this week?” Because this is my third day in Michigan, and I guess I’m just really grateful to be in a new place because I’m from California and growing up, I didn’t really travel very much, but once I got accepted into college, like new opportunities to travel began to arise and this is one of them because I’m doing an internship here with MI Diaries and I’m super excited about it. But yeah, Michigan … my first impressions were that, like, there hasn’t really seemed like there’s a whole lot to do here – at least, thus far. And this is someone coming from a college in, like, Los Angeles County. So obviously there’s a lot of, like, hustle and bustle there. But I really do love, like, the greenery here. It’s quite beautiful. And just being outside in nature is really nice and very refreshing and it’s been nice meeting new people here. I’m already starting to make friends and form relationships, that’s really nice. And also I’m very grateful for my parents for supporting me in coming here and taking me to the airport, like, really late at night – I think it was like 10 PM or something – and taking on a lot of the stress, so I wasn’t as stressed. So, I guess, those are a few things that I’m grateful for.

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