“They just needed a ride to the top of the road…”

In the show ‘What Would You Do?’ bystanders are tested on their willingness to step in and help others. Has there ever been a moment when you witnessed something and didn’t step up for a stranger but wished you had? What about a time when you did step up?

I was single — this way before I got married, so I was young too, probably 22. And I saw a woman in high-heels and open-toed shoes out in a blizzard. And I stopped for her to give her a ride. She had, um — when I stopped she said “Hang on a second, I gotta get my baby,” and she went and got her baby out of a car, her broken down car, which I saw. So I kinda knew it was someone in need. And she got her baby, and then her husband came up and said “Don’t, don’t be scared.” But, you know, they told me the story about how she just threw on her shoes and was running out the door to get him from work and the car broke down in the middle of this blizzard. And they just needed a ride to the top of the road.

And I took ’em all the way home. I didn’t think they needed to be delivered at the top of the road in the middle of a blizzard. So that was one time I stopped and I, I helped somebody else.

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