“So, they’re throwing the cans, put it in the bag, throwing a can, put it in the bag…”

My dad has this awful horsing around story – actually he has a couple. So this didn’t happen to me, but one – but so this one happened when he was in high school, I think, and it was actually his friend that was doing the horsing around. But they were like, collecting cans or something like to recycle. Well, I don’t know if they were recycling but they were empty cans anyway. And so like, the friend was throwing the can to my dad, and my dad then would like put it in a bag or whatever. So, they’re throwing the cans put in the bag, throwing a can, put it in the bag. And then like to be funny, the friend then threw a full can but like, you know, my dad went to catch it as if it were empty. It just flew right through his hands and like hit him in the face and he had to get stitches.

Um and then another time – again I don’t remember this I’ve just – this is a story told in our family. Is that when my sister was a baby, my dad was like, goofing around with her and like, he was on his back and holding her up above him, like she was, you know, playing that little airplane game, like she was a little airplane. And, you know, I’m sure, saying things you say to a baby when you’re playing with them, whatever. And his, so awful, his mouth was open, you know, probably cooing at her or something and she threw up in his mouth or spit up or something. And it’s like uck, that just sounds so horrifying.

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