“At like other arcades, I can just go on that stuff and there’s not even an age thing.”

So I wanted to - there's a museum there too, the Henry Ford Museum and there's this, like, virtual car racing thing and this one lady who probably smokes cuz she kinda sounded like it by her voice and I - my mom - because this one guy let us in for free because we pretended to be in his family because he has like the - like a premium pass or whatever. So he let us in for free, so my mom - but so my mom said we could - I could - she'd give me her credit card, and I could do it since she didn't have to pay to get in because that one nice guy just let us in.  But, so she - so she was like, I went up to the person there who probably smokes and she was like, “How are you?” And I said, “Good.”  And then she was like, “How old are you?” And I said, "11, even though my birthday is in four days. So I'm basically 12,” and she was like, “You have to be 12.” Even though, at like other arcades, I can just go on that stuff and there's not even like an age thing, like even though it's like motorcycles that just like go back and forth. Like that's like scary than this. It was just like a seat with a steering wheel, like an arcade game. So what and I'm basically 12, so that wasn't really fair. And so she was kind of bullying. My mom was like, “Well, she's 12 and -" She was like, “No, she told me she was 11.” And then, my mom secretly thought to herself, “Dang it.” Oh, but - and then she was - my mom said, “Um, but she turns 12 in like four days.”  And she was like, “I can’t - I still can’t let her in.” And then, I was like really mad kind of at her, but when we walked away we both laughed at it.  And also at the museum, we were trying to get tickets for the museum. That's when that one kind guy let us in for free, 'cause like we couldn't find it ticket person. So we were like walking around and we were talking to this one guy who worked at a cash register or something - I don't know, he just works…

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“It sounded like a teenage girl, but they were supposedly a 19 year old boy.”

I've had some friendships where I've held on longer, even when things have not always been looking super great. One of my memories is a college roommate. She was getting catfished. That was before we knew what that was, before the show, but it was somebody she was talking to on Zoom all the time, and I was convinced that she was getting catfished. And I kept telling her, this person's not real. And of course like, you know, every time that she would want to have a Zoom video call, they were not interested. You know, their voice didn't match who they should have been. It sounded like a teenage girl, but they were supposedly a 19 year old boy. And a lot of her friends were starting to really - like, she was getting into fights of people defending this person and we were roommates so I didn't want to fight too much but I stayed, you know, as even keeled as I could. And she was annoyed with me. I think she could sense that I also didn't believe that [name] was [name] and we had a little bit of a tiff, but I kept telling her “I’m gonna love you and be here no matter what. Like if I'm wrong, I welcome it, but if I'm not, I want to be here for you.” And lo behold, [name] fell off a ladder and he was in the hospital and his sister called her, and what do you know? His sister sounded an awfully lot like him, but it's his sister, right? And I think that's when [she] got wise and so I was there. Other friends had been really, you know, condescending about it or “I told you so-y” and I really just felt bad because I could see why you'd want to believe. I mean the conversations they had were really good and they felt really connected, but it was definitely not a boy and it was somebody that just wanted connection and I think [she] understood that too and that it was hard to be angry when somebody was lonely, sought somebody else over the internet and then got so deep into it, but was also so connected emotionally. We both could see why it happened, and I didn't think it was right to shove that in her face, like that individual served a…

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“The whole house smells like grandma bath powder.”

For about a month and a half, we've been aware of some fleas in the house and on the cats. And all of a sudden, that mushroomed at the end of last week, to the point that last Monday, we had to leave the house. We had to cede territory to the fleas. We had to admit defeat. We'd been like putting powder down and spraying and vacuuming like crazy, and we still had not successfully defeated the fleas. And it got so awful that like we were finally using Tyvek suits to get into the house and like my husband would just walk through the house and would come out with like a dozen fleas on him. So just like, completely out of control fleas. It's very stressful to have fleas in the house, so we put down like an absurd amount of diatomaceous earth. Like, it's everywhere. It's everywhere. And like we were using a branded kind that had like a few other things in it too, but it was mostly diatomaceous earth. And one of the things they saw fit to put into it was perfume of some sort. It smells like grandma bath powder. So the whole house smells like grandma bath powder now, and like we had to put this stuff like literally everywhere. So, the house - whole house - smells like grandma bath powder. We're gonna have to - well, at least this will - my husband and I were discussing this, but at least this will get us to finally rent a - like, one of those carpet shampooer steamer things. Which we'd always planned on doing before we moved into the house, seven years ago. And then it didn't happen, and our rent ran out on the place we were living, and we had to like, real fast move out of there and into this house. So we didn't end up ever shampooing the carpet and the guy who was there before us had dogs. They weren't like - they didn't leave messes, that he didn't clean up or anything like that. Like, it was “broom clean” as they say. But we - this will get us to finally shampoo the carpets. Maybe the carpet will look better.

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